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COVID-19 Update - March 26, 2020

Attention turns towards future challenges resulting from COVID-19, Thursday 26th March 2020

Allied Express is continuing to plan for contingencies as it remains at the forefront in identifying challenges that could affect the transport business as a result of COVID-19. Proactive measures have already been put in place to protect staff and customers including;

  • A change in the process when collecting proof of delivery
  • Temperature testing at all facilities
  • Segregation of operations at Sydney Head Office
  • Duplicate Call Centres established and ready for operation if required
  • Duplicate Despatch Centres established and ready for operation if required

To date such measures have helped protect the staff and drivers with Managing Director Michelle McDowell confirming the workforce of more than 1000 was COVID-19 free.

"Allied Express has no cases and exclusion periods have been enforced for staff that have travelled overseas or have showed signs of being ill," Ms McDowell said.

"That doesn’t mean preparations won’t continue to keep one step ahead and plan for possible outcomes should the business be hit."

A recovery plan is being worked upon in a worst-case scenario situation eventuating.

"There are no guidelines as to the cleaning and disinfecting of work spaces and while cleaning companies have been inundated because of the outbreak, we are in a situation where we can’t be waiting for a total disinfecting and clean for two days to get the business up and running again.

"We have been amassing supplies and protective equipment to complete the cleaning job which will enable a quicker recovery time, rather than being out of action for two days we can be back operating in the space of two hours."

Delivery and transport are critical in supporting the community during this pandemic and there are major ramifications should the business grind to a halt.

"It is already a very difficult time for people but should there be issues within the transport industry then there are no products for the supermarkets, the chemists and other essential services."

Planning and preparation become vital tools and with the experience of working in emergency situations, the business is ready to adapt in the current everchanging environment.

"During the bushfires when the road between Sydney and Brisbane was closed Allied Express didn’t use it as an excuse or a reason not to do the job.

"The business looked at how we could continue making the vital deliveries required by our customers and therefore our trucks were sent out through the middle of New South Wales to get around the fires and still get into Brisbane.

"In saying all of this, driver safety is always of paramount importance and that’s why the trucks were sent in a convoy, it allowed for group decision making and the juggling of driving hours.

"If Allied Express can get the freight to the customer then we will."

Allied Express remains committed despite the extraordinary circumstances and is trying to keep both customers and staff positive. Be alert not alarmed is the directive.

"We will continue to identify what base needs covering next but at the end of the day, delivery and transport needs to continue to keep.

"Understandably some businesses have seen a major downturn in operations while others are extremely busy and we have seen that reflected through the requirements of our customers.

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