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Third Party Logistics

Highly efficient, cost-effective Warehousing & Distribution logistics that delivers in every way
- that's 3PL (Third-Party Logistics)...

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Multiple problems - single 3PL (Third Party Logistics) solution...

Business today is looking for a single-source solution to manage warehousing and distribution. Constraints on cash-flow and floor-space mean that few have the luxury to finance and keep surplus stock on-hand. Finding the happy medium is a challenge that sees many struggle to strike a balance between tying-up too much cash in stock and satisfying the customer off the shelf. And It only gets worse when your business sources products from a large number of different sources, often scattered around the country, if not the world. Co-ordinating your suppliers to observe delivery windows which suit your business is difficult if not impossible.

It's a brave new world out there...

There's a whole new emerging technology in warehousing logistics and supply-chain management. Now, best-practice employs an array of sophisticated logistics 'tools' to better manage products and how they ultimately find their way into customers' hands. Factory Gate, JIT, Cross-Docking; all the logistics buzz-words that point to a company that has their house in order and something that your customers are looking for!

But to take full advantage of the benefits these new principles offer, you need to be in charge of your own transport and storage logistics. That means choosing a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) partner who will not only efficiently take charge of the whole process, but will have that efficiency reflect in your bottom line! What you need is a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) partner that works with, not against the way you want to operate. One that lets you get on with your core business confident that your customers can get their hands on your products through a streamlined, interruption-free supply chain.

This kind of efficiency has a name...

It's called 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) and Allied Express has the capability to offer world-class warehousing and supply chain solutions - Nationally. By adding strategically located storage facilities to the largest express-freight suburban courier fleet in Australia, our ability to warehouse and distribute your products is now second to none.

Operational efficiencies that until now have eluded you become a reality as you are able to call the shots with your supply-chain in a way that advantages your business and your customers.

3PL Services Include;

  • Analysis of current business structure
  • Service Requirements & Protocols
  • Human Resources & Employment Structure
  • Capital Investment & Expenditure
  • Inventory Control
  • Stock-Turn Control
  • Freight Tracking
  • Transit Lane Reporting
  • Freight Costs Analysis
  • Auto Consignment Note Design & Production
  • Manifest Control & Production

From Warehousing to streamlining your supply network, Allied Express offers a range of specialized services to take the logistical headache out of supply chain

3PL International freight-forwarding (Import & Export)

With the world's focus on increased "National" and "International" Security together with navigating complicated trade agreements and ensuring compliance with a myriad of international regulations, business today is faced with an ever growing list of supply challenges.

Now more than ever, it is important to have a competent and experienced guide to help you find your way through the international supply landscape. Allied Express offers just such as service with a complete customs brokerage services together with wharf cartage, customs and AQIS (Quarantine) compliance

3PL Store, Pick, Pack & Send (SPPS)

Regardless of origin or final destination, Allied's Complete Store, Pick, Pack & Send logistics service can help you streamline your supply chain. Allied's SPPS service offers access to unsurpassed storage facilities (including rack and block stacking) together with a full pick and pack operation incorporating SCANPAK and EDI capability. This "door-to-door" facility is made possible through Australia's largest courier and taxi truck ground fleet to ensure service meets your expectations.

3PL Integrated Software Solutions

Regardless of your current systems or software requirement, Allied Express can tailor a supply chain solution to suit your needs whilst providing you with the transparency you need to operate effectively. From the convenience of your own PC you can logon to obtain scan history, GPRS vehicle and parcel tracking and "real-time" POD (proof-of-delivery) data as you require. As a client of Allied Express your accounts are accessible on-line where you can view and print them as invoices or download them as Excel files using a wide array of sort options.

3PL Supply Chain Consulting Services

Through a strategic partnership, Allied Express now offers a complete Supply Chain consulting service. With over 20 years experience in supply chain logistics management, our consulting team can analyze your existing supply chain processes to determine current inefficiencies and performance parameters. How your company stacks up will then be compared with an existing best-practice benchmark that best suits the way you do business. This "benchmarking" process serves to align your existing supply model with both you and your customers' expectations.

Get 3PL working for you...

We understand that each business presents its own unique supply chain challenges. This is where our hard-won experience in a range of diverse supply markets is invaluable to the re-engineering of your supply model to better suit your organisation and its future. One that will return real, long-term competitive outcomes to doing business. Want to know more? Call Allied Express today and let our experienced 3PL (Third Party Logistics) team advise on how it can advantage your business.

Maintaining continuity of supply against the challenge of supplier timetables andreliability can be difficult. By introducing 3PL (Third Party Logistics) into your supply chain, you can effectively 'iron out the bumps' by rationalising the differing delivery schedules and volumes into something that suits your business type, your budget and your customers' demands.

3PL (Third Party Logistics) means whatever it needs to for your business. Choose from a total logistics solution, leaving you to focus solely on sales and customer loyalty, or use it simply as an off-site storage facility to save space; how you harness the power of 3PL (Third Party Logistics) is up to you. The bottom line is that it can unburden you and your staff to get on with doing business confident that your supply is prompt, accurate and in the hands of professionals. From across the street to across the world; from a simple courier to Customs and Quarantine clearance, in the right hands, 3PL (Third Party Logistics) will transform your business and the way it relates to your market.

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