Restricted Freight Listing Guide

This freight will NOT be carried by Allied Overnight Express

  1. Radio-active material
  2. Dangerous goods (for exceptions, see below)
  3. Personal belongings (for example, suit cases, clothing, books)
  4. Furniture – excluding new packaged & flat pack freight
  5. Assembled bed packages, including mattresses which do not conform to conditions of carriage for Allied Home Deliveries
  6. Any unpackaged goods (if packaging is not the original, then it should at least be of the same standard as the manufacturers)
  7. Engines, gearbox, or unpacked machines. (Secondhand / wreckers)
  8. Pipes, masts, lengths of any type (packaged or otherwise)
  9. Any items, even if crated, in excess of 2.4 metres in length
  10. Art work, paintings or sculptures
  11. Cash, gold, jewellery, other negotiable products
  12. Firearms or ammunition
  13. Paint or liquids
  14. Perishables
  15. Livestock
  16. Biological Products

This freight will ONLY be carried by Allied Overnight Express with the WRITTEN AUTHORISATION of the GM of Operations

  1. Wine or spirits
  2. If machines are not packed by original manufacturer, and are in crates or stands, they must be oil free and clean
  3. Flat packed furniture delivered directly from the manufacturer
  4. Dangerous goods, for major customers only depending on the type of goods, and if it is a small percentage of the total workload.
  5. Any pallet with dimensions exceeding 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres x 2.1 Metres
  6. Tiles
  7. Tyres
  8. Glass
  9. Surfboards & Kayaks