Warranty Fact Sheet


Warranty Fact Sheet


Allied Overnight Express Warranty is available to all account holding customers to ensure that in the unforeseen circumstance that an item is damaged or lost in transit, Allied Express can reimburse you for the wholesale invoice value of the item effected (excluding GST). Incidents involving goods under $250.00 (excluding GST) are not covered under this Warranty. The maximum claim value for any one loss Incident is $12,500.00. Where there is no invoice available for the original purchase of the goods, the Warranty will provide payment based on the replacement cost of the goods for items of the same age and condition, in line with the above minimum and maximum limits. The Warranty is subject to the conditions detailed on this Fact Sheet.

Claim Excess: If your warranty claim is accepted a claim excess of $250.00 will be payable by you. You hereby authorise Allied Express to deduct the claim excess from any payment made to you in relation to your warranty claim.


The cost for this Warranty is based on 3.9% of the transport cost of the freight charges detailed on the Allied Express invoice. The 3.9% is calculated on the weekly invoice amount and appears as a separate charge for transparency.

Items Excluded

This Warranty is available on a wide range of items carried by Allied Overnight Express, however the Warranty is not available for the following types of goods:

  • Commercial bulk dangerous goods and explosives;
  • Bloodstock, animals, exotic bird and pets;
  • Currency of all descriptions;
  • Live plants and trees;
  • Motor vehicles including motor bikes & trikes/quad bikes & other road/off road vehicles;
  • Household goods removals;
  • Assembled furniture items (indoor and outdoor) including but not limited to: tables, chairs, lounge suites, chest of drawers, cabinets, mattresses, antiques, picture & photo frames, prints, paintings and other works of art;
  • Personal effects including clothing;
  • Items with existing damage or in poor condition;
  • Refrigerated goods, frozen or chilled meat, seafood or foodstuffs;
  • Glass objects and items containing glass;
  • China, crockery, marble, quartz, caesarstone (and other stone or imitation stone products), pottery, ceramic, porcelain, bathroom vanity units and toilet suites;
  • Precious metals and stones, money, bullion, cheques, credit or other card sales vouchers, securities, shares, bonds, deeds, bills of exchange or any document that represents money.


All goods must be suitably packaged for the mode of transport, insufficient packaging will void a Warranty claim.
The Warranty is also not available on items carried by Allied Express Transport, which are your local, same day courier and taxi truck deliveries.

Incident Notification

Should loss or damage to the goods despatched occur, customers must complete a Warranty Incident report, and return this to Allied Express within 30 days from the date of despatch. An invoice will be required to substantiate the wholesale value of the loss, and must be provided with the Incident form. If notification is not received within 30 days from the date of despatch, the Warranty claim for that consignment will be void. Incident report forms are available on the Allied Express website (via shipping tools at www.alliedexpress.com.au) or via emailing warranty@alliedexpress.com.au Incident report forms will outline all information required from you to notify Allied Overnight Express of an Incident

Incident Investigation and conclusion

Once an Incident is notified, Allied Express will conduct a full investigation of the circumstances presented to it. Negligence and/or non delivery by Allied Express must be proven before Allied Express will accept responsibility for the Incident. Where a Warranty payment is made for damaged goods, Allied Overnight Express may take delivery of the damaged goods as the owner of those goods. Once Allied Express have accepted responsibility for the Incident, a cheque for the wholesale (cost) amount of the item claimed (excluding GST paid) will be forwarded to you.

Allied Express will not accept responsibility for any item/s where the wholesale value of the item/s is less than $250.00 excluding GST, or more than $12,500.00 excluding GST for any one loss Incident. An Incident is defined as “single event which leads rise to a claim which may or may not involve more than one consignment”.

Standard Terms and Conditions

The Allied Overnight Express Warranty is offered to all customers, as amended from time to time, in line with our standard terms and conditions of contract. The Terms of the Warranty are provided in this Fact Sheet. However, please note that the terms of the Warranty may be amended from time to time, and the applicable version of the terms shall always be that provided on the Allied Express website (go to shipping tools at www.alliedexpress.com.au). At all times Allied Express shall only be bound to comply with the Warranty Fact Sheet terms set out on the website.