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Phone: 13 13 73

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are your standard delivery times?

Allied Express' standard delivery times are Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm. Should you require a delivery outside of these hours, a surcharge will apply.

2. What are our transit times and postcode zones?

Click here to view our zone guide.

3. Are you a national company?

Yes we are, we have offices and depots in capital cities across Australia and have a vast network of 50 agencies. Read More

4. Do you do interstate deliveries?

Yes we do! Think of a way to get something from one place to another and you can be sure that Allied Express can do it for you. We are all about flexibility and will work out a transport solution to suit your company. All you need is Allied Express. Read More

5. Do you do Third Party Logistics?

Yes we do. For more information on our 3PL services please Click here

6. Can I send dangerous goods?

Allied Express does send dangerous goods but have a few specifications and requirements. Click here to view our restricted freight listing.

7. Does Allied own all their vehicles?

Allied Express subcontract owner drivers.

8. What is the fuel levy and why is it charged?

For same day local metropolitan deliveries the fuel surcharge is 15.9% and for overnight/interstate deliveries the fuel surcharge is 21.9%. Fuel costs are forever changing and so cannot be included in our rates. The fuel surcharge covers the cost of our drivers fuel needs. This surcharge is not negotiable and cannot be waved.

9. Are the drivers fully uniformed?

Yes Allied Express drivers are provided with our standard uniform on commencement of their job and are required to wear it at all times whilst representing Allied Express.

10. I booked a job online and can't print off the con note

Have the goods been dispatched? If no, click on "view pending jobs" find the consignment number and click on it. This will open up to a job details screen. Click the button that says "print label". If the job has been dispatched already you will need to call customer service on 13 13 73 so they can arrange to have it sent to you via email.

11. I'm chasing a pick up

Call 13 13 73 and have your job number/con note number ready.

12. Why have I been charged: no job / waiting time / loading time / futile - AOE?

Our drivers are subcontracted to us and need to be paid for any lost time.
No Job: Where a pick up is booked, but the consignment is not available at the nominated time or location, a futile pick up charge of $15.00 per pick up is applied.
Wait/Load Time:
Courier: $3.95 per 5 minutes is charged, after the first 15 minute of waiting time at either the pick up or the delivery point.
Overnight: $33.52 per hour, in increments of 15 minutes, after the first 15 minutes, is charged for waiting time at either the pick up or delivery point.
Futile: Where a pick up is booked, but the consignment is not available at the nominated time or location, a futile pick up charge of $15.00 per pick up is applied.

13. What time do I need to book my pickup by for overnight/road express?

Overnight pickups need to be booked in before 12noon for country and 2pm for metro.

14. How do I get setup for online booking access?

You can apply online on the following page Click here

15. How do I receive an ETA?

You can track your job online by using the form located to the left of your screen.

16. What happens if no-one is there to receive the goods?

Our driver will leave a card advising the receiver of their consignment number. There are directions on this card to go online to and follow the "did we miss you" link from our homepage.

17. How do I know if I will receive my delivery today?

Receivers: please refer to the sender of the goods.

18. How do I track my interstate delivery?

Please lodge an inquiry online by using the 'track your consignment' function on the bottom of our home page.

19. How do I arrange a redelivery?

Click here to go to our redelivery webpage.

20. How do I avoid a redelivery fee?

In some cases the sender has advised Allied Express any re-delivery fees must be paid by the receiver. If you do not wish to pay the fee, then you will need to choose one of the other redelivery options.
*A fee of $30.00 applies for the first 30km's of inner metro deliveries up to 25kgs. Further charges apply outside of this.

21. I have received my delivery and have an item missing

For overnight deliveries please lodge an inquiry by using the 'track your consignment' function at the bottom of our home page. If it is a courier delivery, please call 13 13 73 to talk to a customer service representative.

22. Where is my freight?

You can track your freight using the "Track your consignment" on the bottom of our homepage.

23. Can the driver call me when he's on the way?

This is called a 'call before' service. This service is available to our clients who have it built into their rates. Please enquire with your sender whether this option is available to you.

24. Why can't you give me the agents contact details?

Our agents are not equip to deal with our customer service calls. Investigations need to be opened so that we can know what is going wrong and work to fix it. It also helps us identify our problem areas so that we can constantly develop and improve our delivery services.

25. Can I arrange to have the receiver called before delivery?

Yes Allied Express do have this service available at an extra charge, please request this service in the special requirement notes of your booking and place an "important call before delivery" sticker on your box. If you require stickers please contact your account manager.

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