Preparing Your Freight for Delivery

Preparing Your Item for Delivery

Tips on Packaging

To ensure your items are delivered in a timely manner and in the condition that they were picked up in we have included a number of helpful packaging suggestions to avoid delays and or damage.

Satchels or small parcels

If you are sending small goods, envelopes and documents use satchels to keep them clean and make them easy to spot during transit.
To protect fragile items, include some padding. For things like computer disks, CDs and DVDs, use a purpose-made cover.

Individually wrap more than one item

If you’re sending a number of items in one box, satchel, container etc, wrap them individually or in a way they won’t damage each other during transit. For example, use padding between all items, as well as between each item and the container.

More is best with fragile items

If you have an item that might be sensitive to vibrations or shock ensure it is very well cushioned and protected from any chance of bumping the container walls.
Don’t forget to label as fragile so that the Allied Driver knows to take extra special care of your delicate item.

Heavy items and goods

To prevent heavy items being damaged by – or causing damage to – the carton or box, put some extra padding around the item to secure it in place.
Carefully pack awkward and metal goods

If your item is unusually, or potentially dangerously, shaped e.g. has parts sticking out, sharp corners or is made from metal, it must be very carefully packed, padded and secured in its container. Otherwise, it could get accidentally damaged, dent or scratch other goods in transit, or even harm the people delivering or receiving your goods.

Evenly stack and secure pallets

If you’re items are on a pallet they need to be evenly stacked and secured by shrink wrapping, strapping or banding.

Guard your polished surface items

If your item has a shiny finish or polished surface, use lots of soft padding so it doesn’t scratch from movement or by rubbing against the carton, nails, staples, adhesive labels, etc.

Foam-pack computers and electronic goods

Polystyrene moulds are great and pack them into securely fitting boxes or cartons.

Use commercial quality tape

This helps prevent your container from bursting open during transit

Ensure clearly labelled packages

Putting the supplied consignment label on top of each item means it can be quickly identified and keeps handling to a minimum.

For any other queries regarding the packaging of your items for pick-up and delivery by Allied Express, simply contact our customer service team on 13 13 73.